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“Circuits and Electronics” (6.002x), which began in March 2012, was the first MOOC developed by edX, the consortium led by MIT and Harvard. Over 155,000 students initially registered for 6.002x, which was composed of video lectures, interactive problems, online laboratories, and a discussion forum. As the course ended in June 2012, researchers began to analyze the rich sources of data it generated.

What does it mean, to be human? This course takes a close look at the human condition, as viewed through the lens of classical Greek civilization; the basic organizing principle is an objective study of a model of humanity, the Hero.
            —From the HeroesX Course Description

The Ancient Greek Hero is a survey of ancient Greek literature focusing on classical concepts of the hero and how they can inform our understanding of the human condition.

The School of Public Health has a mission to improve the health of the world, and one way of doing that is through education.
Professor E. Francis Cook, Co-Instructor PH207x: Health in Numbers

Health in Numbers (PH207x) is the online adaptation of material from the Harvard School of Public Health’s classes in epidemiology and biostatistics. The course covers the principles of biostatistics and epidemiology used for public health and clinical research. 

This report is the result of a collaboration between the HarvardX Research Committee at Harvard University and the Office of Digital Learning at MIT.

“3.091x explains chemical principles by examination of the properties of materials.”  —

This report was produced jointly by the MIT Office of Digital Learning, and the HarvardX Research Committee.

January 21, 2014