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Using Technology to Enhance Science Literacy, Mathematics Literacy, or Technology Literacy: Focusing on Integrated STEM
This chapter explores the potential of a digital game, The History of Biology (HoB) as a learning environment in which today's learners find technology engaging and practical to advance their learning and interact with STEM content. The authors report on a study which assumed an explicit-reflective teaching approach from the perspective that the HoB game was developed in the context of the...

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Where Did MOOCs Come From?
Jonathan Haber
When looking for precedents regarding the symbiosis between technology and education, one could go back to the Protestant Reformation in sixteenth-century Europe when a new communication technology, the printing press, became associated with a theology that stressed personal study of the bible, which the new printing technology made more widely available. This historic combination created the...

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A History of E-Learning
Paul Nicholson
In many contemporary sectors, e-learning is often regarded as a "new" form of learning that uses the affordances of the Internet to deliver customized, often interactive, learning materials and programs to diverse local and distant communities of practice. This view, however, is historically disconnected from its antecedent instantiations, failing to recognize the extensive links between...