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Assistive Technology: Resource Roundup
This guide to assistive technology will help you navigate some of the available websites, resources, and tools related to assistive technology and accessible educational materials -- from getting started, to tips, to finding appropriate technology and need-specific resources.

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Calling All Learners and Teachers for Hour of Code 2015
This December 7-13, 2015, the Hour of Code campaign during Computer Science Education Week is one such opportunity. is hosting this event for a third year to engage students, teachers, parents, and others (ages five and up, and of any experience level) in fun ways to experiment with programming and game creation.

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Teaching MIT Students to Think Like Cell Biologists: A Visual Approach
Sera Thornton, Mary Ellen Wiltrout
Imagine sitting in a lecture hall and hearing the phrase, “prepare Golgi membranes from CHO 15 B1 cells after infecting them with VSV.” Can you visualize the process or molecular components involved? If you are an experienced biologist, then you likely performed an experiment similar to this, or at least are familiar enough with the ideas that you have no problem forming a picture in your brain...

Are schools really wasting money on computers?
During the past few years, I have closely followed the education studies published by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). Overall, I find great significance in their findings. However, I was discouraged when I saw recent news articles coming out of the OECD’s latest report on the use of computers in school.

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America’s Classrooms Online: 24.5 Million Students Now Up to Speed
Two years ago, more than 40 million US students could barely stream online videos. Only 30 percent of K-12 districts provided sufficient Internet access speed to support digital learning, defined by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) at 100 kbps per student.  Today, that number has been slashed nearly in half, with 20 million more students enjoying Internet speeds that meet the FCC’s...

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Exploring Blended Learning Leadership: The Skills You Need and How to Get Them
Here at EdSurge, we don’t miss a chance to celebrate. Right now, we’re whooping it up over Connected Educator Month. And because it wouldn’t be a celebration without a little gift-giving, we’ve prepared something just for you. It’s an adventure—a guide to blended learning leadership. Like so much of education technology, this adventure is evolving.