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EdSurge Guides: Playing Games In School
Plenty of games have found a role in the classroom, from Monopoly to Oregon Trail and more recently, Minecraft. Educators and game designers continue to hone ideas about how to build truly engaging games that carry genuine lessons. At the same time, plenty of educators and parents worry that game playing just distracts students.

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DIY Grants from Allen Distinguished Educators
Deadline: December 4, 2015.  Four DIY Guides, which are guided classroom lessons covering computer science, engineering, and entrepreneurship, were developed by Allen Distinguished Educators in the last year. The DIY Grants, in turn, enable educators across the country to bring these engaging projects into their classrooms. Each DIY Guide provides a tour of the lesson, as well as detailed project...

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Using Technology to Enhance Science Literacy, Mathematics Literacy, or Technology Literacy: Focusing on Integrated STEM
This chapter explores the potential of a digital game, The History of Biology (HoB) as a learning environment in which today's learners find technology engaging and practical to advance their learning and interact with STEM content. The authors report on a study which assumed an explicit-reflective teaching approach from the perspective that the HoB game was developed in the context of the...

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Computing education in children's early years: A call for debate
International changes in policy and curricula (notably recent developments in England) have led to a focus on the role of computing education in the early years. As interest in the potential of computing education has increased, there has been a proliferation of programming tools designed for young children.

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Do Students Learn More From a Flip? An Exploration of the Efficacy of Flipped and Traditional Lessons
Flipped lesson planning, as popularized by Bergman & Sams (2012a), has been viewed by many as a revolutionary pedagogy, tailor-made for the twenty-first century classroom. Enthusiasm for flipped lesson planning has out-paced the collection of data that might determine its effectiveness. This paper presents the results of a study that compared the learning outcomes of students who learned a...

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The effects of a flipped English classroom intervention on students’ information and communication technology and English reading comprehension
The purpose of this study was to explore the effects of a flipped English classroom intervention on high school students’ information and communication technology (ICT) and English reading comprehension in Taiwan. Forty 10th graders were randomly selected from a representative senior high school as an experimental group (EG) to attend a 12-h flipped English classroom intervention while another 37...