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New Minecraft tutorial teaches kids coding
A free Minecraft coding tutorial from Microsoft, created for the upcoming and third annual Hour of Code, introduces players ages 6 and older to basic coding contained within the popular “sandbox” game, so named because players have freedom to build and do anything they wish inside the world they create.  The tutorial was unveiled on Nov. 16 by Microsoft, Mojang AB, and and was created...

HarvardX and MITx: Two Years of Open Online Courses Fall 2012-Summer 2014
Andrew Ho, Isaac Chuang, Justin Reich
What happens when well-known universities offer online courses, assessments, and certificates of completion for free? Early descriptions of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) have emphasized large enrollments, low certification rates, and highly educated registrants. We use data from two years and 68 open online courses offered by Harvard University (via HarvardX) and MIT (via MITx) to broaden...

Continued Progress: New Evidence on Personalized Learning
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has engaged RAND to carry out an ongoing study of foundation-funded schools that are employing promising approaches to personalize learning. This research is part of a public commitment the foundation has made to spread effective practices across districts and charter networks, develop innovative roles for teachers, and support implementation of college-...

Teaching the 4Cs with Technology: How do I use 21st century tools to teach 21st century skills?
We know the impact and transformation experience technology brings, but it is important to look at the use of technology in the classroom by asking ourselves "What do we want students to learn?", and after we have the objective, "How can technology transform the learning experiences aad foster the 4Cs?"  Asking these questions in this way keeps the focus on learning and not on technology...

Press Release
NSF funds research on math software
The National Science Foundation has granted $800k to North Carolina State University to use data mining techniques to study the game-based ST Math software program that’s currently used in 2,500 schools across the country. Researchers hope the findings will help improve MIND Research Institute’s ST Math and other digital learning platforms that have cropped up in a number of classrooms.

State of Education Technology 2015 Annual Survey Report
School districts across the country are under pressure to make technology more accessible to students. Recent changes include integrating tech into the classroom, giving tablets to every student or upgrading their network infrastructure. Education Dive and Sprint surveyed over 150 educators and administrators to uncover how U.S. schools are using technology and the challenges this brings to...