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Computer Technology in Education: Evidence from a pooled Study of Computer Assisted Learning Programs among Rural Students in China
There is a great degree of heterogeneity among the studies that investigate whether computer technologies improve education and how students benefit from them – if at all. The overall goal of this study is to assess the effectiveness of computing technologies to raise educational performance and non-cognitive outcomes and identify what program components are most effective in doing so.

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Open educational resources get federal attention
The U.S. Department of Education is launching a campaign that will encourage states, school districts and educators to use open educational resources. As part of the #GoOpen campaign, the Department is proposing a regulation that would require all copyrightable intellectual property created with ED grant funds to have an open license.

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Out-moocing the MOOCs: Traditional institutions fight back
For years, little had changed within higher education, until a breed of online providers brought the rumblings of a revolution. Carrying the undistinguished acronym of MOOCs, massive open online courses were hailed as the radical future of learning – a fee-free model that threatened the hallowed halls of universities and the business models that supported them.

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Data mining and education
Kenneth Koedinger
An emerging field of educational data mining (EDM) is building on and contributing to a wide variety of disciplines through analysis of data coming from various educational technologies. EDM researchers are addressing questions of cognition, metacognition, motivation, affect, language, social discourse, etc. using data from intelligent tutoring systems, massive open online courses, educational...

MOOCs (The MIT Press Essential Knowledge series)
Jonathan Haber
In this volume in the Essential Knowledge series, Jonathan Haber offers an account of MOOCs that avoids both hype and doomsaying. Instead, he provides an engaging, straightforward explanation of a rare phenomenon: an education innovation that captures the imagination of the public while moving at the speed of an Internet startup. Haber explains the origins of MOOCs, what they consist of, the...

MOOCs and Open Education Around the World
MOOCs and Open Education Around the World explores and illuminates unique implementations of MOOCs and open education across regions and nations. The book also focuses on the various opportunities as well as the dilemmas presented in this rapidly evolving age of technology-enabled learning.