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5 useful science and technology grants for schools
As STEM programs blossom and the Next Generation Science Standards work their way into more classrooms, extra funding can only help. Each month, eSchool News compiles a list of new education grant opportunities. This month’s grants focus on science and technology grants for schools. We list grants for tech-savvy teachers, STEM programs on the rise, and mini grants to explore innovation.

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Preparing pre-service teachers to integrate technology: an analysis of the emphasis on digital competence in teacher education curricula
This article focuses on integration of digital competence in curriculum documents for teacher education in Norway. A model inspired by the work of Zhao, Pugh, Sheldon and Byers, as well as Krumsvik and Mishra and Koehler, has been developed as an analytical framework.

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Cities take innovative approaches to launch K-12 computer science
Not too long ago, ACM and CSTA released a study that found computer science education was on the decline. Published in 2010, the report, titled "Running on Empty: The Failure to Teach K-12 Computer Science in the Digital Age," found that the number of high schools offering introductory computer science courses had declined 17% between 2005 and 2009.

Technology-Enhanced Education at Public Flagship Universities Opportunities and Challenges
Public research universities are under great pressure to increase access, lower costs, and improve instruction, even as they face diminishing financial support from the states they serve. Against this backdrop, Ithaka S+R, with funding from Lumina Foundation, undertook a study of ten institutions in the Public Flagships Network (PFN). Over the course of the 2013/2014 academic year, Ithaka S+R...

Modern Instructor: Keys to Exceptional Online Teaching
A comprehensive guide to becoming an exceptional online instructor from experienced instructors. Written by eight experts in the field of higher education, topics include managing plagiarism, better time management, improving student engagement online, and ideas on how to improve as an online instructor in order to become an exceptional online instructor.

100 Videos and Counting: Lessons From a Flipped Classroom
Seventeen months ago, I made my first flipped learning video. And then, unexpectedly, it happened: I crossed the century mark. That is to say, I made my hundredth video. What have I learned along the road between one and one hundred?