For 8.MReV, we have records of 16,787 students who registered for the course by the cutoff date of this report, September 8, 2013. According to self-reported demographics, registrants were 82.7% men, and as a group, highly educated: 30.6% have earned bachelor’s degrees, 18.6% have masters or professional degrees, and 4.6% of registrants had earned a doctorate (for certified students, percentages are 20.3%, 23.8%, and 9.6%, respectively). Distributions of level of education and gender are plotted below in the top half of Figure 2, along with the average distributions for all MITx courses [4]. Note, roughly 8% of 8.MReV registrants did not self-report one or more of the demographic categories.

Figure 2. Distributions of demographic variables collected at registration for all registrants reporting data, with MITx-wide comparisons for reference: (top left) education attainment, (top-right) gender, (bottom left) age, and (bottom right) geolocation via IP look-up.

Figure 2

As with other MITx courses on edX, 8.MReV students came from all over the world. Based on geolocation of student IP addresses, 25.3% of registrants came from the United States, but many students also came from over 150 other countries around the world. Consistent with other MITx courses on edX, the median age of registrants and certified students was higher than typical MIT undergraduates; namely, 25 and 27) years, respectively. Distributions of geolocated country and age are plotted in Figure 2 for 8.MReV, alongside the average distributions for all MITx courses.