Mechanics ReView (8.MReV) is a second look at introductory Newtonian Mechanics. In contrast to the typical edX course, it was aimed at secondary school teachers. The course is designed to give a unified overview of mechanics that will dramatically increase students’ problem-solving ability. It is especially designed for teachers and those who want to improve their existing understanding of mechanics. Newtonian mechanics is the study of how forces change the motion of objects. This course begins with force, and moves on to straight-line motion, momentum, mechanical energy, rotational motion, and angular momentum. Optional units include oscillations, planetary orbits, and a review of multi-concept problems.

8.MReV was offered as an MITx on edX course in the Summer of 2013, taught by Professor David Pritchard and Dr. Colin Fredericks.

Many participants in MITx on edX courses come with different intentions and levels of interest and many resemble shoppers and auditors in their course activity. This report identifies four subpopulations of participants (numbers below): those who registered, viewed some course content, explored the course, and were certified [1].

Table 1