Several people helped create and run the 2013 version of the course. The core team consisted of Nathaniel Levy (Project Manager), Kendra Albert (Head Teaching Fellow), Ed Popko (Technical Support Specialist), Professor David Karger of M.I.T. (an expert in both computer science and online pedagogy), and myself. We were assisted by Samantha Earp (Interim Director of HarvardX), Marlon Kuzmick (Associate Director of the Derek Bok Center for Teaching), Amar Ashar (Manager of Special Initiatives for the Berkman Center), and Justin Reich (Richard L. Menschel HarvardX Research Fellow). Last but not least, twenty Harvard Law School students served as teaching fellows and helped plan the venture. In addition to Kendra Albert, they were Ruchi Desai; Ana Enriquez; Lauren Henry; Phil Hill; Ashton Lattimore; Wesley Lewis; Esther Lim; Nathan Lovejoy; Alyssa Martin; Matthew McDonnell; Tom McMahon; Rio Pierce; Jacob Rogers; Rachel Sachs; Charlie Stiernberg; Allison Trzop; Martha Vega Gonzalez; Justin Ward; and Heather Whitney. [1]

A similar team will be responsible for the 2014 version. The core group will include Nathaniel Levy (Project Manager), Ana Enriquez (Head Teaching Fellow), and Ed Popko (Technical Support Specialist).