Each MITx on edX course includes atypical features unique to the course. 8.MReV had several features:

  • Concept Map. 8.MReV was designed from the ground up using learning-science oriented pedagogy, aimed at teaching students how to think like and become experts at a subject. It was specifically designed to be helpful in preparing students for AP or advanced standing exams.


  • Pre-test and Post-test. Unique among all the first-year MITx on edX courses, 8.MReV asked its students to take a test about the subject material, at the very start of the course, before any learning sequences were provided. Data from this pre-test, combined with data from the final quizzes in each module of the course, provided Professor Pritchard’s team with the data to compute and study quantitative learning gains.
  • For Teachers. Professor Pritchard arranged with the American Association of Physics Teachers to offer formal continuing education units to any teacher who earned a certificate in 8.MReV. In addition, the course was specifically designed to demonstrate a methodology of approach to the subject, Mechanics, which is modular and particularly well suited to structured teaching.